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Buying Power Brake Boosters for Classic Cars

When it comes to giving classic car braking systems a more modern feel, upgrading to power brakes is one of the least expensive and most effective steps you can take.

The more popular models such as first generation Camaros and Chevelles or 55-68 Full Size Chevy cars have brackets available that will make power brake boosters a direct bolt in job.Street rods and some of the more obscure vehicles require modification to the firewall to get a booster mounted. For these models, you can look at the 4 stud bolt pattern on our universal boosters shown below to decide whether you can make it fit on your application.

Below we will lay out the different types of boosters and mounting brackets available for classic cars.

A few notes before we get started:

  • Our boosters can be used on both disc brake and drum brake cars. If you can mount a booster and get it hooked to your pedal properly, it is right for your car.
  • As a general rule, you will get the most power assist out of a larger diameter booster. So we recommend using the largest booster that will fit on your vehicle.

Some smaller diameter boosters are "Dual Diaphragm" boosters. Because they have two diaphragms, a smaller diameter booster can provide as much power as a larger diameter single diaphragm booster.

We carry 3 main sets of booster mounting brackets that will adapt any of our power brake boosters without riveted on brackets to specific applications. All 3 bracket sets are available in gold cad plated finish or polished stainless.

Add these bracket sets to any of our 7" dual, 8" dual, 9" or 11" boosters to adapt them to your application. All of our boosters have 4 mounting studs that make a 3.375" square center to center on the studs.

View of back of booster - Same bolt pattern on all universal boosters - This includes 7" dual, 8" dual, 9" and 11" boosters in both chrome and gold.


View of front of booster - All have this 2 stud spread which came on original GM muscle cars.


3.375" center to center on the two front bolts

Booster Bracket Sets

These bracket sets can be added to our boosters to make them bolt right on to certain applications.

* If you do not see brackets for your application, we do not carry them. You can look at the dimensions on the two photos above and decide if you can adapt it to you vehicle.

BBK001 - 67-81 Camaro/Firebird, 64-72 GM A body cars (Chevelle, GTO, Cutlass, 442, etc.) 1968-74 Nova

BBK002 - 55-58 Full Size Chevy Cars (Bel-Air, Biscayne, etc.)

BBK004 - 59-68 Full Size Chevy Cars, 67-72 Chevy truck

Connecting to the Pedal

Once the booster is mounted, you will need to connect to the pedal. If the rod coming out of the booster is not long enough to reach the pedal, an extension rod can be used. Once the pedal is reached, one of our clevis kits can be used. All pictured below.

All of our boosters can be found on our website, www.getdiscbrakes.com Please visit us there or call us at 1-800-405-2000 , 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. eastern time Monday through Friday. You will reach a live representative every time you call!!!